Buy the most powerful Salvia extracts online

Several kinds of Salvia extract but which of them is the strongest?

There are many different Salvia extracts are available in different qualities, beware! Here we will tell you what different Salvia extracts you can buy and of course where you can buy Salvia extracts.

Here we go: Salvia (Lamiaceae or Labiatae) originates from the Mazatec mountains in Oaxaca Mexico. The Salvia plant contains a lot of psychoactive substances and used for centuries by the Mazatec shamans in mountains.

The active ingredient in Salvia is Salvinorin A an extremely powerful hallucinogenic substance which is pretty good by smoking.

You need plenty of Salvia leaves to smoke for a hallucinogenic effect. Therefore there are several Salvia extracts made.

Here you can see several examples of Salvia extracts.